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Tire special
Any size any brand tires at the lowest price!!! installed and balanced on the top of the line equipment from "Hunter" !!!
call for pricing and appointments.

Low profile tire mounting is performed with none scratch equipment, Hunter Auto 34.

Along with Road Force balancing on a hunter GSP9700 machine!

Prices include parts and labor.
Free Diagnostic Scan   Check Engine Light

AC Leak Check / Refill


$ 179.99

Oil Change

(we mainly use two types of synthetic oil, FUCHS and Liqui Moly) up to 5 quarts, plus $2 new drain plug (optional)


$ 65.99

Transmission Service

 (includes: fluid pan gasket Febi ATF1 fluid and filter) note: not all models use the same fluid, this special is for cars that came with transmission fluid part number G052162-A2 . We do all models transmission services at great prices, contact us for pricing

$ 269.99

Valve Cover Gasket service for 1.8T engines

  (includes: valve cover gasket, camshaft adjuster gasket with "half moon" and labor OEM genuine gaskets

$ 199.99

Valve Cover Gasket service for 2.8L v6 30v engines

(include: valve cover gaskets, camshaft adjuster gaskets with "half moons", camshaft  bore plugs, one camshaft seal and labor (for 2.7t engines add $50.00 ) we will use all OEM genuine gaskets and cam bore plugs

$ 384.99
C/V Joint Boot Replacement with OEM genuine boot kit (parts and labor)
$ 159.99

Timing Belt (1.8T Engine)

Parts included:
Timing belt, Timing belt tensioner, Timing belt hydraulic dampener, Dampener roller, genuine OEM water pump(we recently switched to oem pumpd due to after market pumps beein faulty) , Accessory belt/s, G12 plus coolant and Thermostat (2002 and newer audi a4 1.8T engines with engine code AMB add $120.00 for oem Audi thermostat or $95.00 for BEHR)












Timing Belt (2.8 V6 30v/12v Engine, 2.7T add $50)

Parts included:
Timing belt, timing belt tensioner, Timing belt hydraulic dampener, Timing belt idler roller, Timing belt tensioner lever, genuine OEM water pump( we switched to oem pumps due to metal impeller pumps being faulty), Thermostat, Accessory belt and G12 plus coolant.








               We strongly recommend to replace plastic thermostat housing at the same time, original thermostat housing is plastic and becomes fragile over time and usually missing the sharp sealing edge.  Aluminum housing is available to prevent future leaks. The price of aluminum housing is $135.00, if you are on a tight budget the original plastic housing is available for $95.00. we usually keep these parts in stock, but make sure you mention the type of housing you would like us to use in order to avoid delays. There is cars that came with aluminum housing originally so not everyone will need one, ask us for details.

               Also it would be a good idea to change the accessory belt tensioner, usually by the time you hit 65-70k miles bearing and spring in the tensioner don't feel too good, the bearing could be making a bit of noise and could fail down the road causing damage to radiator fans and radiator itself  leaving you stuck on the road. If you decide to replace it there would be no labor charge. The part would be $100.00 genuine VW, if you would like to save some money the aftermarket part is available for $75.00 from INA brand.





Timing belt service 3.0L 30 valve (Audi A4 2002-2005 Audi A6 2002-2004)



Timing belt service includes: Timing belt, timing belt tensioner, timing belt hydralic dampener, two timing belt idler rollers(one fixed and one adjustable), OEM water pump, OEM thermostat, oem G13 coolant, accessory belt, OEM valve cover gaskets, OEM valve cover bolts with groumets(must replace to prevent valve cover gaskets premature leaks), four OEM camshaft adjuster plugs and labor





Also sudgested with 3.0L timing belt job :

Due topossibility of following parts failure, and the fact that the timing belt has to come off for their replacement, we recommend to replace all of the following parts at the same time of timing belt replacement.


Camshaft seals and camshaft adjuster gaskets

$ 239.99
 includes: Four OEM camshaft seals, two OEM camshaft adjuster gaskets and labor    

camshaft pressure seal washers

includes: twelve OEM pressure seal washers and labo

Note:pressure seal washers are located on at the end of the camshafts, and seal the space between the oil channels in the camshaft adjuster units. the original sealing washers design had locks at each end of the washer, and those locks would often fail causing chek engine light to come on and camshaft position codes being stored. Also causing internal engine damage. New washer seal desing does not have the locks at the end of the seal and should prevent future problems.

 Timing Belt service (2.0T FSI Audi: A4 2006-2008,A3 2006-2008 VW: GTI 2006-2008, Jetta 2006-2008, Passat 2006-2008)  $ 749.99 
 Includes: Timing belt, Timing belt tensioner, Two timing belt idler rollers, OEM water pump, Accessory belt, OEM G13 coolant and Labor.